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Tattoos created at Atawera Art are mostly custom pieces.
It may be a Maori inspired tattoo or ta moko, a black and grey realistic portrait, or some colour fantasy creation.
Greg takes the time to work with each client to make the idea a reality.
Feel free to contact the studio for bookings or more information. 


Mary and Greg enjoy creating in different art mediums, acrylic, pastel and charcoal/pencil.
At Atawera Art even car body panels and the odd bit of painted furniture have become beautiful and unique pieces of art.
If you have a loved one or a cherished pet that you want immortalised, commissioned artworks are always welcomed.
Or Mary’s favourite, native birds and flowers. Small paintings or wall sized murals, feel free to contact us for more information. 


Mary is inspired by the nature and environment to create carving using New Zealand lime stone.
Whakairo (wood carving) has been practised by Maori carvers for practical, cultural and artistic purposes for many hundreds of years.
Greg is inspired by historical, ancestral and contemporary art, to create carvings using wood and bone often with shell inlay or feather bindings.
Commissions welcomed. 

Interested in a piece of art?