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Atawera Art first opened in the small town of Kaikoura in September 2001.

Atawera was the name given to a family ancestor, Thomas Ashwell who arrived in NZ in the 1820s.
In Maori ata means morning and wera means heat. We have used our interpretation of these translations in the design of our logo. "The morning heat rising and shining above us and our art".

Atawera Art is situated between the mountains and the sea and we believe the beautiful scenery of Kaikoura adds to the positive emotional experience our visitors enjoy.

In our studio we are using wood, bone, stone, paints, pastels, skin & ink and to create our moko masks (from the customers own face) alginate powder & plaster. Each medium used in either a traditional or contemporary style to craft individual and unique pieces of art.

Atawera Art is not an ordinary shop, we hope to give each customer an enjoyable art experience.