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The Atawera Art Tattoo Experience and Philosophy

Whether  you are having a custom designed tattoo or ta moko it begins with a conversation or korero about the aspects & passions of your life that you would like to express or represent in your artwork.
These ideas are then crafted into a design that fits with your "story".
It may combine your genetic makeup (family and family history), maybe the places geographically to which you have a bond or the ideas and ideology that you  use to guide your social behaviour. It is "YOU" and should be as unique as your fingerprint.

With this in mind we strive to create with each client a design that they can love, have ownership of and identify with forever.

The next step is the tattooing itself … This is done using single use needles, autoclave sterile equipment in a clean and cheerful environment.
When the tattoo is completed... Whether this is your first or one of many tattoos we will explain the best way to care for your finished artwork and offer advice on how to keep it looking great in years to come.
Through each step of the tattoo journey we employ integrity and discretion to ensure every customer leaves our studio with a positive experience and a beautiful piece of art.

We invite you in to have a chat with Greg or Mary and browse through books and albums showcasing work already created for others or design ideas waiting to be created.